Wavelength : Workbook

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Reinforces the structures and language already covered in the "Extend Your..." pages (optional) offer students more challenging practice in reading and writing skills and structures

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Clare Jarmy Miracles & Study Guide

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Книга "Miracles & Study Guide".

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Evans Virginia, Gray Elizabeth Welcome-1 Workbook. Beginner. Рабочая тетрадь

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"Welcome" is a two level beginner's course for children learning English. The workbook accompanies "Welcome 1: ". "Welcome 1: Workbook" includes: 14 units corresponding to the units of the coursebook; four-page units corresponding to the units in the coursebook; five sections (vocabulary, grammar, communication, listening, reading and writing); pictures in full colour and stickers; hand puppets.

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Move: Intermediate (аудиокурс на 2 CD)

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Move is a five-level course for adults and young adults. Each level of contains: A with three 15-hour modules and helpful practice and reference sections An interactive CD-ROM; A comprehensive Teacher's Book; A Class CD set; This Class CD set includes all : listening and pronunciation activities; reading texts for optional use. CD 1 covers Modules I and 2 of the CD2 covers Module 3 of the /

Толстовка Jack Jones

: A2: Class Audio CDs

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is a brand new, six-level General English course tailored exclusively to adults. The course takes an innovative approach to reading and listening based on academic research as to how adults best learn languages. It teaches reading and listening from the bottom up, giving learners the skills they need to understand the next text they will read and hear, not just the one they are reading or hearing now. The content has been extensively piloted and reviewed in ELT classrooms across the world, giving teachers the confidence that it really works.

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Expert Proficiency

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English Unlimited: (+ DVD-ROM)

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English Unlimited is a six-level (A1 to C1) goals-based course for adults. Centred on purposeful, real-life objectives, it prepares learners to use English independently for global communication. Through universal topics and activities, and a focus on intercultural competence as a 'fifth skill', this international coursebook helps learners become more sensitive, more effective communicators. Teaching natural, dependable language, and with CEF goals at its core, it brings real life into the classroom and gives learners the skills and strategies to communicate confidently outside it. Explore sections provide the extra ingredients for enhancing communicative ability, from further development of speaking skills to independent learning strategies. The e-Portfolio DVD-ROM enables learners to create a 'can-do' record of their work and progress. It also provides reference tools and a vocabulary trainer.

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Move: : Intermediate Level (+ CD-ROM)

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Features a course for adults and young adults. This course has a communicative syllabus that helps students express themselves through English. This coursebook with CD-ROM includes various topics, grammar and vocabulary activities, integrated skills tasks, review units and practice pages.

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Sarah Watkinson Dung Beetles by Starlight

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Книга "Dung Beetles by Starlight".

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First Expert: with MyEnglishLab (+ 2 CD)

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"First Expert" coursebook supports students by giving them: A wide range of stimulating and up-to-date topics; Self-contained lessons which can be taught in any order; Task analysis activities to encourage self-evaluation and better understanding of key language; Extensive grammar, vocabulary and exam practice activities; Strategies for approaching exam task types.

Чаша Для Мультиварки Redmond Rb C400

Intelligent Business: Advanced: CDs (аудиокурс на 2 CD)

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Learn Business: Topic-based provides an accessible introduction to key concepts in today's business world; Informative and up-to-date authentic material from the Economist; Fully benchmarked alongside the Cambridge ВЕС exam suite and Common European Framework; Workbook with extensive exam practice and ВЕС Preliminary Practice Test; Thorough writing support in dedicated Style Guide booklet.

Мирошникова Наталья English-Speaking for Adults. Учебное пособие

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Учебное пособие "English-Speaking for Adults" направлено на обучение взрослых, изучающих английский язык самостоятельно или в курсовых условиях. Отбор учебного материала данного пособия производился в соответствии с наиболее употребительными языковыми единицами английского языка, в то время как организация материала осуществлялась на основе выбора тем, представляющих интерес для любого контингента учащихся.